Thursday, November 5, 2009


My life is still quite hectic. The hubby hasn't found employment yet and honestly, I'm not sure how much longer I can let him live. He isn't the most romantic, chatting, supportive man on the planet. Actually, the only time he wants to talk to me is when I'm writing. THEN he can come up with all sorts of things that he has to tell me or he's just going to explode.

I understand he's going through a difficult time, I truly do. A man who has gotten up every weekday morning for the last twenty-something years and had somewhere to go and something to do is suddenly drifting.

But I swear if I have to hear "It's supposed to be wetter than normal over the next six weeks," or some other factoid he picked up watching AG TV--or This Week in Agribusiness, I'll scream. And honestly no I don't care what Samuelson Says and I sure the hell don't want to look at another restored tractor.

I grew up on a cattle ranch, do you THINK I'm interested in watching a cattle auction on TV (Okay, I'll have to give him half a point for this as one of my favorite activities actually is going to the sale barn...)

I love the man and I'm trying to be supportive but he's beginning to make me crazy--okay, crazier he doesn't get all the credit!

My muse has gotten constipated with the fear that as soon as he starts flowing again, Dh will come popping in with another interruption. I haven't written in weeks. (I've done some major editing due to the release I have coming in January) but no writing...

I'd love to take off on an ATV adventure to one of the places DH was dreaming about last night. Wonder if he could try and replace that host...That would be the ideal job for DH and myself, traveling the country checking out all the ATV riding hotspots in America! I could definitely get into that!

Hang on, here comes DH now just busting out with news on Uncle Ted's latest Adventure! (All right, I admit that recipe for backstrap DOES sound delish...)

Guess I should go. No writing will be done today either. ACK!

Hugz and have a TERRIFIC rest of the week!

**AGTV, This Week in Agribusiness, are programs on AGTV channel. Brian Fisher is the host of Fisher's ATV television--a weekly program on Outdoor Channel. Uncle Ted is, of course Ted Nugent and he has a weekly program called Spirit of the Wild also seen weekly on the Outdoor Channel. I may enjoy poking fun but seriously for the hunters and outdoor enthusiasts these are really enjoyable programs!