Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Horror Flicks!

I LOVE Halloween. Yes, I know you know that but this time I'm not talking about the DAY--I'm talking about the movie series. Michael Myers (as opposed to Mike Meyers from SNL--who ALSO ROCKS!)

I'm talking mask wearing--did you know that the mask was William Shatner's face painted white? (the only thing MORE frightening is actually having to SEE William Shatner!)--Jamie Lee Curtis chasing Halloween.

When the third one came out--Halloween III: Season of the witch--that's when I stopped seeing the movies. I've never been more disappointed in a film--at least in THE 80s Horror genre--EVER! I go to see what more havok the Monster Myers can wreck and HE'S NOT IN IT! WTF?!?!?! Hello! Halloween=MICHAEL MYERS!!!!

Have you seen this stinkola of a movie? No? You're LUCKY! Here's the trailer for it:

Yeah--I should've known it would be disappointing but I had high hopes!

Now on the flipside of the coin--this movie was pretty great:

This is not my all time FAVORITE of the 80's but it was sufficiently goretastic!

Which horror movie from the 80s would you recommend I add to my Halloween day-long horror bash? Inquiring minds want to know!

Gotta Jet! Work to do and all that.