Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pins and Needles

I so hate waiting. I'm horrible with the patience thing. I submitted Heaven's Torment, an erotic horror a few weeks back and I heard from my editor that she enjoyed it and now we're just waiting on final approval from senior editorial staff. Keep fingers crossed it sells please!

I also submitted the completed rewritten manuscript Hawk's Rayne on this past Thursay. I know it will be a while before any decisions can be made but it doesnt stop me from checking my emial every single day in hopes of finding the offers sitting in the inbox!

I should be working on a new manuscript--an idea thats been brewing for a while--but I've just submitted three books this past week and I think I earned a bit of a break. In six weeks I'm headed for Arkansas with a couple of girlfriends for our annual week long break--ATV, swim, hike, relax NO WORK, no worries week. However, I'm ready for a short break right now. I'll use part of this week to catch up on neglected housework and the rest of the week on delving into tid new work.

Well, guess thats all the update I have for now. Be watching for the June newsletter coming soon!