Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's been Such a Long Time

Life's rocky terrain has kept me from my computer, from my blogs...and have I missed y'all!

My grandmother seems to be better for the moment. This is actually good news. For the time being I feel perfectly comfortable with letting her live on her own. How long this can go on, we're not sure, but for now this is where we stand: I am home! YEEHAW! I am desperately trying to get back into my work mode. I'm so far behind I doubt I'll ever catch up.

While I was away there were some decisions made. The first being Demon's Fall: We're holding off on this book for a while--it's going to end up being an October release! Just in time for Halloween, WOOHOO!

I also heard on my submission of Morgan's Creek. There is a contract offer in the future if I am willing to make some changes to the manuscript. The problem is, I'm not sure I want to make the requested changes. A couple of them are no big thing, but there are some that directly affect the plot of the story. Since I'm in love with the story, I'm not sure how I feel about making the changes.

But, being as its been almost 6 months since I've had any REAL, restful sleep, my brain, my emotions and my concentration are completely out of whack--making this the wrong time to make any important decisions. Fortunately my editors over at Resplendence Publishing ROCK! They're extremely patient and have agreed to give me as much time as I need to make a decision. I'm hoping to have something figured out within the next couple of weeks.

Well, I have a ton of business to catch up on so I can't stay long but I wanted to let y'all know I wasn't dead...yet...LOL

Take care, keep safe and HAPPY READING!