Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Horror Flicks!

I LOVE Halloween. Yes, I know you know that but this time I'm not talking about the DAY--I'm talking about the movie series. Michael Myers (as opposed to Mike Meyers from SNL--who ALSO ROCKS!)

I'm talking mask wearing--did you know that the mask was William Shatner's face painted white? (the only thing MORE frightening is actually having to SEE William Shatner!)--Jamie Lee Curtis chasing Halloween.

When the third one came out--Halloween III: Season of the witch--that's when I stopped seeing the movies. I've never been more disappointed in a film--at least in THE 80s Horror genre--EVER! I go to see what more havok the Monster Myers can wreck and HE'S NOT IN IT! WTF?!?!?! Hello! Halloween=MICHAEL MYERS!!!!

Have you seen this stinkola of a movie? No? You're LUCKY! Here's the trailer for it:

Yeah--I should've known it would be disappointing but I had high hopes!

Now on the flipside of the coin--this movie was pretty great:

This is not my all time FAVORITE of the 80's but it was sufficiently goretastic!

Which horror movie from the 80s would you recommend I add to my Halloween day-long horror bash? Inquiring minds want to know!

Gotta Jet! Work to do and all that.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chainsaw Autopsy

In my latest work, Demon's Fall (coming January 2010), my demon hero has a demonic brother who loves Death Metal. Well writing a specific scene my editor asked me to name a band, maybe use some lyrics. After much thought this was discarded due to possible copyright issues. Then I thought wait a minute. I'm a writer, surely I can INVENT a band, right? The hard part was finding the names of current or previous musicians so I wasn't unintentionally copying them. Chainsaw Autopsy (suprisingly enough) is NOT a current or previous band.

This task was relatively easy. Now for the harder part...writing lyrics. Then the words just sort of formed in my head. I have an entire song lyrics written. I'll be sharing it at a later date--I plan on it being included in the book.

I had no trouble imagining the band screaming the words out, in growling, gravelling voices, ear bleeding chords, skull cracking percussions, oh yeah. Funny, I'm not really a death metal fan but my son is and I've heard enough from him to figure it out.

So now that Chainsaw Autopsy has been born, I wonder what else I can do with them. Donica had a few ideas if I can come up with more lyrics. Shame to abondon them after only one book, right?

Well better go and finish the edit read through. The weather has my head all torn up and I'm going to end up takikng a couple of massive pills and passing out before long.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

More 80s horror

So while I was going through the list of horror movies from the 80s one of them was being shown on TV. I turned it on and just couldnt work up the energy to sit through it. For some reason it just didn't intrigue me as it did one time. Actually I shut it off and turned on Sonata Arctica and vegged with a book--The Divine Comedy by Dante Allegeri.

Sometimes you just dont WANT to stop and smell the flowers!
Motel Hell:

See y'all again later!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Remember Little House on the Prarie?

The beautiful oldest sister Mary Ingalls, played by Melissa Sue Anderson? She grew into such a beautiful and sweet young woman. Miss Mary, who never did anything contrary...

Have you ever seen the classic flick Happy Birthday to Me? No? I highly recommend it for entertainment value and to see sweet Melissa Sue in a whole new light:

I personally thought the film was fascinating. If you've seen it/will see it, let me know what you thought of it!

Hugz and see y'all again soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Horror of the 80s!

I thought I'd spend the rest of October chatting about horror movies from the 80s. (Donica Covey started it!)

Back in the 80s I was big on seeing horror movies, reading horror stories, getting the crap scared out of me at every turn. It was fun! Besides, what better excuse to cling to a sexy guy than being scared witless.

We usually went to the movies in a pack. Not that I didn't enjoy being alone with my boyfriend(s)but seeing horror flicks in a group was infinitely more enjoyable than seeing them as a duet. And, besides the Drive In was TONS of fun for a group.

What? Drive In? Oh...sorry, how to explain a Drive In. Okay, well its like a HUGE gravel parking lot with a GIGANTIC screens on each end. Every spot in the parking lot has a post with two large metal rectangular objects called speakers. These hooked to your window and played the sound that accompanied the movie (unless of course you were like some of us and faced one screen while listening to the other movie...)The Drive in is responsible for countless weekends of fun and excitment (and more than a slight increase of the population...LOL)

Anyway. I've spent more time at the drive in than any other theater. We would see some of the best and the worst flicks ever made there.

One of the most noteable movies was a particularly corney and obnoxious film that focused on Coulrophobia--the fear of clowns. Long before the Master, Stephen King released IT upon the world. This particular film was laughable, actually what would be called a black comedy, not frightening--unless you did suffer from this phobia.

The movie I refer to is Killer Klowns From Outerspace.

This dreadful, awful movie was GREAT for a time waster. I have to admit some scenes did make me jump in my seat. It's definitely great to watch with a friend who has an intense fear of clowns--or maybe that's just my opinion.

In any case, if you're looking for a classic film that is both a little scary and a whole lot corny, grab your favorite coulrophobic, pop some popcorn, snatch a pouch of cotton candy then sit back and wait forthe fun to begin!

Hugz! See y'all soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two weeks ago

I was out of town in Jefferson City Mo. I stayed in the Plaza, only a block from the capitol building. It wasn't a bad place. I hated the fact that they didnt offer free WiFi to their guests but..well some places are just far behind in their times.

Anyway. I'm a chronic insomniac so when I finally fall asleep it's a pretty safe bet to leave me sleeping. My mother is an early bird. On Wednesday we were supposed to check out of the hotel to move on north to St. Charles. Mom decided that for the good of our relationship I be allowed to sleep in and then be responsible for checking out of the hotel. She would come pick me up when her meetings were through.

I woke up breifly on Wednesday morning around 7:30 or 8 to visit the restroom and secure all the locks on the door. I went back to sleep.

Suddenly I hear a man say "Boo."

Not creepy, frightful elongated BOOOOO, Just matter of factly Boo. This is somethign my husband has a habit of doing so my knee jerk responnse was very funny. Until a split second later I remembered I wasnt home and Dh wasn't with me. I sat up to find a man standing beside the bed watching me.

With my one hand I groped for the phone to call for help while staring in wide eyed fear.

I couldn't find the phone with my blind groping!

My gaze darted to the door. Hadn't I se4cure the locks?

I had! How did he get in?

My eyes diverted back to the place where the man had stood--only to discover he was gone! Terror flooded my heart.

Where had he gone? How had he gotten in?

Certainly I was dreaming. I had to have been! Wasn't I?

This wasn't my first encounter with the unexplained. Over the course of my (middle aged) long life, I've had many strange and odd experiences.

The house my parents currently live in has a ghost. George. I dont know how long he's been there. Couldn't tell you why he hangs around but he does.

When I was a kid my dad got this really awesome pool table. I LOVE to play pool (always slop)--I suck at it, but I love it. Anyway, in the half finished basement stood this pool table dominating the room and against hte back wall was an antique table...I'm not sure what it's actually called but it was small like a mini end table.

Above this hung an old portrait of some ancient ancestor--her pic scared the bajeebers out of me! Those eyes ALWAYS seemed to be moving!

After homework I would go downstair, put my transister radio on the little table and crank out rock (KSHE 95, the ORIGINAL rock station! WOOHOO)

So one evening mom calls me up for dinner. I turn off the radio, put it back on the table, lay my pool stick on the table and head upstairs. I eat, do my chores and head back to the basement...halfway down the steps I realize I hear music...the radio is on? I turend it off. i'm sure I did.

I reach the basement floor and there is the radio, sitting near the steps, the radio is on, (some oldies station!). I completely freaked out, ran up stairs and it took me a long LOONG time to get the courage to go back down.

Over the years I've heard George walking through the house, he turns on lights, plays music. Is basuically harmless he just wants us to know he's still around.

My son, daughter in law and little Alyx live there with my folks. There are times when suddenly alyx will stand up and start talking to no one, laughign, giggling, singing and dancing around with no one--I think she and George are having a wonderful time together.

Have a great rest of the week!