Sunday, October 12, 2008


As some of you know I have a cousin who has been battling Leukemia. Tonya was diagnosed in June of this year. It's with a heavy heart I share this news with you: She has lost her battle with this horrible disease.

Tonya passed from our life on Thursday October 9th at 9 pm. Our visitation services were today and she will be laid to rest tomorrow, Monday October 13th.

Tonya was an amazing person. She had such a bright spirit and positive outlook on life. I've never seen her upset or angry. Even after she became ill she was so upbeat. The illness took her vision shortly after her diagnosis but living in the darkness didn't get her down. I remember she made jokes about how she wouldn't have to clean house any more--she couldn't see the dirt so it wouldn't matter.

She had the most adorable lopsided smile and you couldn't help but share it. Tonya was also the epitome of the blond cliche--slightly ditzy, always adorable. When someone did something goofy it was said they "pulled a Tonya."

Her pain is over and while we're all gratedul for the releif her loss is great and her memory will never dim.

All the kind words I've received and the prayers that have been shared with me and my fmaily are most heartily appreciated. Thank you all for your caring, generosity.

It may be a bit of time before I'm back and updating my news. Your patience is appreciated!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fantasy Fables?

If someone said "take your favorite fairy tale and turn it into an adults only story" which one would you choose?

That's what RP has asked of their authors and I have to say I'm blessed to be in league with some amazingly talented individuals.

Some of them have taken up the challenge and written their versions of classic tales. I have to admit I bow in their presence--even if one of them did take the tale I had an idea for...(I luv ya anyway Maddie! LOL)

There are a few options for you:

Like a bit of the Persian? Did Ali Baba and the tales of old make you long for desert adventures?

Well Melinda Barron has updated several tales and made them more steamy than a hot Arabian Night! Check out these tales:

To Rub, Honor and Obey
Aliya Baban and the Cave of Pleasure
Wish Me Up, Rub Me Down

Shapeshifters more your speed?
Check out Maddie James' new twist on the old Red Riding Hood story in
Red: A Seduction Tale

Cinderella's story has been told in different forms over the ages but to be honest, the best one yet is Celia Kyle's book Fiery Ember

So, have you thought over what story you'd like to see modernized with a twist? Leave your comments here!