Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lady with a 'tude

The Infamous New Arrival

This is Snuggles. I'm soooo not a cat person. Anyone who knows me can attest to this, heck I've said it enough on this blog.

During the past week Snuggles and I have come to an uneasy truce. Actually, today, she lay down, stretched out and wanted me to pet her. I obliged. I figured if we're going to be living under the same roof for the next couple of years, we may as well try to get along.

The past couple of days I've noticed a change in her. Thursday night was the last time she growled, hissed and sounded as if she'd love to fillet my skin. Today, as I moved around the house trying to get my things ready for a series of trips, she was attempting to be friendly, rubbing against my leg, rubbing into my outstretched hand.

This is definitely progress.

Unfortuntately it has wreacked havoc on my immune system. My hands, legs, any exposed skin she touches, burns and itches like wildfire within minutes. My nose is consistantly set on run, my eyes on water and my throat feels as if I've swallowed a series of cacti. we should own an option in Benedryl because I've been taking more than a normal share since Snuggles arrived.

As soon as we can get her evened out--accustomed to the household, she's being taken for a grooming with some anti-allergen shampoo. Supposedly that should help my reaction to her. I'm not holding my wheezing breath...LOL

At least we have an uneasy truce. Thank the Lord she isnt like every other cat I've met--wants to snuggle on my chest, lap, shoulder, etc. I dont know I could take that.

And another bonus--I dont have to vaccumm any more--DD wanted the hair ball she has to clean up after it, which includes vacuuming the hair left by a wandering feline.

Well, I'm off. I have packing to do, laundry to finish and food to make. I'm leaving for a three week (working) vacation. I'm hoping that three weeks of nothing but Netbook--no internet, tv, phone etc, to interrupt, I'll be able to get some writing done.

See y'all when I return!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Still miserable sick, as well as in a panic over what the future may hold for our lives and Saturday our DD brought home a new family member.


I've yet to see it full on but I've seen glimpses of it. Is it a lovely little snake? Nope. A cute little mouse? An adorable rat? A spider? An iguana? A ferrett, (I WISH)? Nope.

A cat. A useless ball of fur. I am NOT a cat person. I HATE cats. Aside from their annoying happy of climbing onto my chest, headbutting my chin, demanding attention and then biting me, they make my nose itch, my eyes swell and water, my chest tighten--hello ALLERGIES!

So when my DD came home with this thing, I was not happy. When I learned that her daddy had said she could keep it I was even more unhappy.

Now, whenever I set foot into DD's room I hear growling and hissing like a mountain lion is going to come a rip my face off. At least I know it hates me as mucha s I do it...

The thing that gets me the most--this breed of cat is supposedly extremely docile, friendly and loves people. Apparently I am NOT a people. I know it needs time to get used to the house. It's undergone a HUGE change and it's frightened. The people who owned her and loved her since she was just born are suddenly gone and she's in a new environment, it's going to take time to warm up. She's got three weeks. No more, no less. In three weeks she's either sweetened up enough to let DD cuddle her or she gets shipped off to another home/the shelter.

While I have yet to see this animal full on, I've seen glimpses and I've searched for images on the Internet that show me what she looks like. I've found some similar animals thanks to DD's help.

The creature is a Ragdoll Cat. Basically it looks like a Siamese that got into hair growth tonic. Brown points and big blue eyes.

Here are some pictures that resemble our newest inavader:

This one is the closest to Snuggles:

Sure, for a useless, nasty creature it's kind of long as it stays AWAY from me. I guess from now on DD will have to do her own laundry and such as I can't even step into the room without being greeted with a growling hiss. Maybe for the first time I've come across a cat that despises me as much as I do it!

Most times it's like cats know I can't stand them. I sit down and before you can blink they are climbing on my chest, rubbing against my chin, purring on my lap. My son's cat is notorious for climbing up and getting right into my face. They told me if I pet him he would go away...they LIED! It only purrs harder and arches into my hand.

My best friend's cat loves it when I crash over. I awake in the night to him kneeding my breasts and trying to make himself comfortable on my chest. He keeps it up until waking me up, I pet him then shove him away and he nips my hand.

At least this one seems to avoid me like the plague--thank goodness!

IF it ever comes out of hiding I'll share some pictures of it. Of course, if it doesnt...

I know it was raised with dogs so my little Cairn isn't terrorizing her. Of course just to be nice I've kept him out of the bedroom so she doesn't have any additional stressors. We keep her room closed off by either door or a gate so there is relative quiet and much less chaos while she settles in. Nasty creature.

Now...If I was only certain where I would be next week....(lol)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miss the Good Ole Days

A friend of mine is writing a hostorical novel. It's AWESOME but she had some questions and that got me thinking. The questions involved law and order. Basically what happened to criminals.

Now back then they did the RIGHT THING. There was none of this crap of the common man paying to keep these slime bags alive. You're a killer? Hang 'em high. You're a rapist? Hang 'em High. You're a child molester? Hang 'em.

Over crowding wasn't a real problem in those days.

Since we became so "civilized" crime is out of control, prisons are crowded to capacity, and there is no end in sight.

I've got news for you--I WISH the bleeding heart liberals would pull their namby pamby heads out of their asses. Why should people who can barely make ends meet be forced to support those who don't give a shit about other people?

People like Manson--the tax payers have had to provide him medical care, three squares a day, clothes, dental...and there are those who have commit NO crime who can't afford medical care. Where's the justice?

It just makes me sick to think about how people like us who are barely making ends meet due to job loses are forced to pay for the care and feeding of murderers, rapists, molesters, abusers, drug peddlers etc.

Time for a change!