Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sharing some pix from my trip:

Date on the sign: 1786.

Now I'm sure this building isn't quite that old...

...but there were things inside that if they aren't, they're pretty danged close!

The piano has seen better days...

There is no eletricity--although it had been wired at one point in time. The bathroom is a tiny outhouse just around back. When you got thirsty, just pop down the small incline and take a sip of ice cold, clear, and fresh spring water!

This hole of water is right outside the old church so that when the spirit moved them, they could just head outside and be baptised! It's such an awesome, peaceful and inspiring spot. It gave me ideas for the place to wrap up Morgan's Creek.

BUT I could also easily picture the front being lined with horse and buggy set ups waiting for a old fashioned wedding!

It was so nice to find a place free of"tagging" and other vile forms of defacement. While we stored up the knowledge of where the place was, all agreed not to share the information with just anyone. We want to protect its peaceful, serene and awe inspiring secret for as long as we can.

While we were out exploring we also found proof the Blair Witch had been visiting her cousin Sylamore Sadie...

(Of course one wise acre termed it "Red Neck Stonehenge"....HEHEHEHE)

Check in again later for more snaps of this wonderful trip!
Hugz til then,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting ready to leave

I'm going to be shutting down my office in the next day or two. Vacation is rapidly (but not rapidly enough) approaching. I leave Saturday at the butt crack of dawn and will be gone for the week. I will be gone until Monday the 27th. So there won't be any more updated to this blog until then.

When I get back I have to dive in to edits on Demon's Fall with both feet. I'm ready to get to work on that...of course after this week of relaxing, riding, swimming and maybe even a little reading (of material I DIDN'T write, LOL) I'll have my batteries nice and recharged--I hope!

See you all in a couple of weeks!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Video

I've been trying to create a video for my newest book, Demon's Fall. I have come up with one that I like but the music has me a little hung up. I aksed my friend Rebecca Goings to help me choose. She did, God love her! She chose this one:

However we both agree the music to this one is very beautiful.

So, gentle reader, which one did you prefer?

Please leave me a note in the comments to let me know your preference!

I'm leaving in just 10 short days--and trust me, short SOOO applies. I've got a ton of things still to do before I load up and take off.

Have a fabulous week! I'll see you again soon,