Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Demon's Fall

I now have a cover for Demon's Fall and trust me when I say that it was WELL worth the wait! This cover KICKS and ROCKS!

I still have no word on a release date but that's okay. They were kind enough to give me some wriggle room so I'm happy as a pig in mud!

As a reminder, here is the blurb:

What happens when a demon falls for an angel?

Tangela Teshua just recently buried her parents and has given up her city apartment to move back to the country house they left her. However, their deaths and her move are not the biggest changes coming to Tange’s life. Tange learns she is a guardian angel—or at least she will be when she over comes the challenges Satan will put in front of her.

Andras Belial’s father assigned him the task of destroying the newest being on the lighted path. But another battle looms on the horizon for Andras. His inner demon struggles against the strange formation of feelings, of a conscious growing to life. He falters even more when he meets Tange, the beautiful angel just might be able to save him.

Lucifer, infuriated that not only has Andras turned his back on his heritage but he has joined forces with an angel, sends an assassin demon after both Andras and Tange. Can they keep the demons at bay long enough to find happiness?

I hope to have a date soon!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm popping in to share some sad news. Demon's Fall will not be releasing this month. The publication date has been pushed--to when I can't say for certain, but it has been pushed. At least it hasn't been cancelled all together!

As soon as I get the new date, I'll shout it from the roof tops! I loved my characters while writing them and I made the decision to make some changes to the manuscript which means some rewrites ahead of me but the Powers That Be over at RP are so wonderful they're giving me the time to make the changes and all I can do is thank them for being so flexible and writer friendly!

Once these changes are made, I'll let y'all know the new scuttlebutt!


Saturday, January 2, 2010


I'm so very sorry folks! I've gotten so that I Twitter, or Tweet (whichever) rather than take the few minutes to pop in here and blog.

I do hope y'all had a FABULOUS Christmas and the HAPPIEST of New Years!

My next release, Demon's Fall is to release in the next couple of weeks and I'm SOO EXCITED! I just can't wait! I don't have a cover to share yet--but have been assured that it will be ANY day now. With the talented artists over at Respledence Publishing I KNOW it's going to be an AWESOME cover! As soon as it gets in, I'll be SHOUTING it out for all the world to hear.

I've done the January newsletter but I'm trying something a little different so it's going to be a day or three before I can have it finalized to be released--unless you're part of the newsletter group, in which case you should have already received it.

It's odd for me to be on the computer on a Saturday but with the holidays my schedule has been thrown completely off kilter. I always say I'm not back in my office, not until Jan 4--that is the day I officially return to work.

Migrain's trying to come back so I'm going to head off--have a turkey loaf in the oven that needs my attention so I'll say goodbye and see y'all monday!