Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miss the Good Ole Days

A friend of mine is writing a hostorical novel. It's AWESOME but she had some questions and that got me thinking. The questions involved law and order. Basically what happened to criminals.

Now back then they did the RIGHT THING. There was none of this crap of the common man paying to keep these slime bags alive. You're a killer? Hang 'em high. You're a rapist? Hang 'em High. You're a child molester? Hang 'em.

Over crowding wasn't a real problem in those days.

Since we became so "civilized" crime is out of control, prisons are crowded to capacity, and there is no end in sight.

I've got news for you--I WISH the bleeding heart liberals would pull their namby pamby heads out of their asses. Why should people who can barely make ends meet be forced to support those who don't give a shit about other people?

People like Manson--the tax payers have had to provide him medical care, three squares a day, clothes, dental...and there are those who have commit NO crime who can't afford medical care. Where's the justice?

It just makes me sick to think about how people like us who are barely making ends meet due to job loses are forced to pay for the care and feeding of murderers, rapists, molesters, abusers, drug peddlers etc.

Time for a change!