Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chainsaw Autopsy

In my latest work, Demon's Fall (coming January 2010), my demon hero has a demonic brother who loves Death Metal. Well writing a specific scene my editor asked me to name a band, maybe use some lyrics. After much thought this was discarded due to possible copyright issues. Then I thought wait a minute. I'm a writer, surely I can INVENT a band, right? The hard part was finding the names of current or previous musicians so I wasn't unintentionally copying them. Chainsaw Autopsy (suprisingly enough) is NOT a current or previous band.

This task was relatively easy. Now for the harder part...writing lyrics. Then the words just sort of formed in my head. I have an entire song lyrics written. I'll be sharing it at a later date--I plan on it being included in the book.

I had no trouble imagining the band screaming the words out, in growling, gravelling voices, ear bleeding chords, skull cracking percussions, oh yeah. Funny, I'm not really a death metal fan but my son is and I've heard enough from him to figure it out.

So now that Chainsaw Autopsy has been born, I wonder what else I can do with them. Donica had a few ideas if I can come up with more lyrics. Shame to abondon them after only one book, right?

Well better go and finish the edit read through. The weather has my head all torn up and I'm going to end up takikng a couple of massive pills and passing out before long.



Andrea said...

Great name for a band. I'll look forward to the book.