Saturday, November 14, 2009

I’m not Dead!

Have you ever seen the cartoons where the Big Bad Wolf walks into the bar and sexy Little Red Ridinghood struts out and starts singing “Oh Wolfie”? His eyes pop out of his head, his tongue unrolls, his heart pounds out of his chest and droll skates along his chin?

Last night I was hanging out with my best friend and were looking at pictures from our last Girl’s Week (in July) The pic of us eating fried pickles popped up and we both went Um Fried Pickles! Let’s go to Lees! (Lee’s is a chicken fast food place)

We load into my truck both thinking how delicious the pickles were going to be. We walk in and there is one customer at the counter, three older people in a booth and the employees.

I took one look at the guy in line and I SWEAR TO YOU I PULLED A BBW! I know I as drooling. Now I have seen some fine looking men before but this one? HOLY SHITE BATMAN! He was about 6’ 1”, his copper skin was nice and tanned, his black t-shirt fit across his well defined shoulder and chest, emphasizing each muscle.

His jeans were just snug enough to cup his perfectly shaped butt. Big, brown eyes you could get lost in forever,. His shoulder length black hair was pulled back into a pony tail—his hair looked like satin. I would NOT have any trouble at all seeing him in a pair of buckskin pants, holding a bow, while riding a paint pony.

I am NOT lying when I say he was the most gorgeous man I’ve EVER, EVER seen in my life.

I forced myself to stop drooling and my best friend and I were making jokes about driving six hours to have fried pickles any more. We can go here now. He was eavesdropping into our conversation and he turned to ask where were from.

His voice—like velvet. His smile, electrifying. His nose, perfect. High cheekbones, nice framed jaw. I couldn’t swear to his being from any particular tribe, but the man was pure Native American. I was so proud of myself that I kept control and spoke without giggling like a love struck schoolgirl.

He took his order and left.

My friend and I stared after him, watching him walk away. As soon as the door closed behind him we both collapsed into a laughing fit. For the first time in—HA! You thought I was going to reference my age?!?!?!?—all the years we’ve been in friends…no wait SECOND time…we were both extremely attracted to the same man.

I’m telling you that was a FINE example of God’s wondrous work. If I wasn’t a married woman (and possibly old enough to be his…aunt) I’d have made a play for the man.

On the way home we discussed cougars, wolves, the FINE, FINE man, and…other activities.

My libido hasn’t functioned properly in ages. I was beginning to think there was a malfunction. I can say with all certainty I am NOT dead after all. But I’m going to Hell for lusting after the man…

He was so hot he could easily have been a male model or an actor. One thing I can tell you for sure, he WILL be a hero in one of my next books! If I’d have had a camera I’d have been asking for permission to photog him. After all, I’d have to have something to look at for book inspiration…yeah, like I’d really NEED a pic to remember him!!!!

My dreams were filled with images of a hot man, a shape shifter actually, wolves, cougars, the woods and…yeah uh huh, NOPE not going to share any more of THAT with you!

Hmm think I’ll go back to bed…dream a little dream of him.