Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Horror of the 80s!

I thought I'd spend the rest of October chatting about horror movies from the 80s. (Donica Covey started it!)

Back in the 80s I was big on seeing horror movies, reading horror stories, getting the crap scared out of me at every turn. It was fun! Besides, what better excuse to cling to a sexy guy than being scared witless.

We usually went to the movies in a pack. Not that I didn't enjoy being alone with my boyfriend(s)but seeing horror flicks in a group was infinitely more enjoyable than seeing them as a duet. And, besides the Drive In was TONS of fun for a group.

What? Drive In? Oh...sorry, how to explain a Drive In. Okay, well its like a HUGE gravel parking lot with a GIGANTIC screens on each end. Every spot in the parking lot has a post with two large metal rectangular objects called speakers. These hooked to your window and played the sound that accompanied the movie (unless of course you were like some of us and faced one screen while listening to the other movie...)The Drive in is responsible for countless weekends of fun and excitment (and more than a slight increase of the population...LOL)

Anyway. I've spent more time at the drive in than any other theater. We would see some of the best and the worst flicks ever made there.

One of the most noteable movies was a particularly corney and obnoxious film that focused on Coulrophobia--the fear of clowns. Long before the Master, Stephen King released IT upon the world. This particular film was laughable, actually what would be called a black comedy, not frightening--unless you did suffer from this phobia.

The movie I refer to is Killer Klowns From Outerspace.

This dreadful, awful movie was GREAT for a time waster. I have to admit some scenes did make me jump in my seat. It's definitely great to watch with a friend who has an intense fear of clowns--or maybe that's just my opinion.

In any case, if you're looking for a classic film that is both a little scary and a whole lot corny, grab your favorite coulrophobic, pop some popcorn, snatch a pouch of cotton candy then sit back and wait forthe fun to begin!

Hugz! See y'all soon!