Monday, January 5, 2009


Well this has certainly started off as an interesting year. I recently sat down at my computer determined that I was going to try writing one of the other girls in my projected Immortals series. (I haven't even sold the first one so it may be a wasted effort. )

Imagine my surprise when instead of lighthearted romance a serious Thriller/Horror came pouring out! I had no idea it was in there but now that it began I'm having trouble shutting it off. Not that it's a bad thing. I mean I'm actually writing. But this story is one of the most intense ones I've ever written.

The working title is Morgan Creek and I have to admit it's kind of freaking me out a little. I wonder if I might be slightly unhinged to come up with such an idea--okay, I've always been slightly unhinged, ask my family (GGG) as the book nears completion I'll share some of it with you. Right now about 30 pages have basically written themselves. I love it when that happens. Usually my books that write themselves tend to be better than anything else I've done. They're more popular and get higher reviews. Plus I don't stress over how/what to write next.

This book isn't a romance, not technically. There might be a romantic element in there, depends on what the voices dictate.

Well I need to get moving. The voices are back and keeping my concentration at an end.