Monday, March 29, 2010


So last week I had some restless nights. I dreamed some pretty awesome dreams but there was one that DEEPLY disturbed me.

Thursday night I was having my usual sleeping issues, finally went to sleep and dreamed of one of my dearest friends. She's going through a rough patch--starting her life over while going througha divorce. I dreamed of her. Her and a strange new man in her life. In the dream we were sitting in her house and this man came in. She introduced us and I HATED him on the spot! He made my flesh crawl, he made my stomach ache and basically I just couldn't tolerate being in the same room with him.

I begged her to listen to me--that there was something not right about this man, there was something she couldnt trust and I pleaded with her to leave him. She grew angry that I was interferring in her life and she asked me to leave. In the dream i was phoned to let me know she had died. She had been murdered--violently and bloodily--by this man.

When we were at her place Friday night I'd been sullen and silent, unsure how to speak or what to say. Finally I bit the bullet and I told her about the dream. She was slightly tense because she knows my dreams usually mean something...when I've dreamed of people dying they have passed on.

She showed me a photograph and asked me if it was the same man. I said no. I described the man to her. She got real funny. Seems as if she had gone out with a man who fit the exact descrioption of Nightmare Nathan to a T. She had gone out with him THAT THURSDAY NIGHT!

I got all goosefleshed and slightly freaked out. I told her that just because I dreamed this DIDNT mean anything. But that if she could just BE CAREFUL then it would be all right. She assured me she'd be careful and had no intention of ever seeing the man again.

We all know dreams are subjective. If all mine came true...well, lets just say that my money worries would be over, all the normal married people issues would NEVER arise and I'd be too exhausted to sit and write 90% of my life--hehehehe! It could be that the stress of my life colored my dream. It could also be as simple as I was dreaming that her divorce wouldn't be a simple and smooth meeting but end up being a heated, decidedly unpleasant battle.

Death doesnt always mean a physical thing--it can equate change. The end of her old life and the beginning of a new.

However, knowing that she went out with the man who matched the one iIN MY DREAM the NIGHT OF THE DREAM is still QUITE unsettling...

Well off to work! HAPPY READING!


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Jinger, I put a great deal of stock in dreams. My great-great grandmother was a gypsy who interpreted dreams, she taught my grandmother who taught me. Yeah, you're dream was probably real and it will be good if your friend never sees that man again. She should be prepared with a very pleasant, reasonable excuse as to why she doesn't want to go out with him if he calls and asks. Symbolic dreams don't usually elicit such a visceral response - real dreams do. It's good you told your friend about this.

Fran Lee said...

Wow! You are my new psychic! ALWAYS pay attention to your dreams. They are meant to help you.