Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Need to keep up

Today I was trying to creatre gthe stills to create a promotional video for Demon's Fall--the new title for Heaven's Torment--when i decided to do a mock up of a book cover--just an idea of what I think it should look like.

Interested in what I came up with? Have a look:

Yes I know it won't look exactly like this, but you have to admit it is kind of cool, right?
As to the video, well, I never actually finished it...I was distracted and then ran out of time. I'll get back to it soon enough--until the edits arrive, which according to my wonderful editor should be any day now! WOOHOOOO
The edits should help the time just fly. See, in 18 days I'm headed for my week long vacation...ready and raring to go!
I guess I better take off. My wee one is here to spend hte evening with me so I need to head off and play with her.
See y'all again soon!