Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's beginning to be alot like Christmas

And I'm no where near ready. I still have tons of shopping to do, menus to plan, recipes to dig out and candy to make.

I've been busy the last several weeks getting a manuscript ready to send into my editor. Now she has two books to choose from--or pick up both, I'm good either way. Also, in case you hadn't noticed, I have done a bit of tweaking on this blog, I also redid my newsletter website, my MySpace, and I have added a special website that is for excerpts. This Website is ADULTS ONLY! Anyone who clicks on the link certifies they are 18 or older.

As to the submissions I sent in, one of books began life as one my alter-ego wrote and had published--the first book contracted actually. While going through it to update it for contemporary release (because I just know it's going to sell...must think positive!) and while I was messing with it I was hit with ideas for several more books and making it a series.

The book submitted is Hawk's Rayne--here is the blurb for it:

Once the great Nations of the Americas lived in harmony with nature, having pride in themselves and trusting the Great Spirit to provide for them. Over the centuries this was lost, driven out of them as they were driven from their homes. Now one immortal man, Flint Kestrel must find the key that links his people’s past to their future.

Rayne Amitola has the perfect life, one she’s worked hard to achieve as a top advertising executive in the fast paced life of New York City. Suddenly her life is turned upside by the enigmatic Kestrel and his wild claims that she is the key he has searched over several lifetimes to find. She’d tell him to get a life and out of hers, if she was sure he didn’t live forever…

Rayne surrounds herself with several friends and I was hit with inspiration for books for them.

The series isn't titled yet but the ideas are for a total of 6 books beginning with Hawk's Rayne.

The premise of the series is just this: six friends who are thirty, flirty and still single. They just haven't found that perfect fit so one night over drinks its (jokingly) suggested the reason they can't find love is because no mortal man is good enough for them. That leaves the immortals. Each woman is of a different background and were raised with certain legends depending on their lineage. Here's a list of the gals and their heritage:

1. Rayne Amitola-Native American- Legend: shape-shifting shaman-Hero: Flint Kestrel-Title: Hawk's Rayne (see blurb above)

2. Isabell Izzy Gerardi-Italian-grew up with Roman mythology.-Legend: involves Cupid-Hero: Cupid-Title: None at this time

3. Michelle Chelle Metaxis-Greek- Greek mythology-Legend: involves Pandora's box-Hero: Greek god Epimetheus-Title: None at this time

4. LeeAnn Lee Tomkins-British/Welsh-Legend: Involves the Goblin King-Hero: Jareth (name to change)-Title: Working title The King and I

5. Penelope Penny Nichols-Irish-Celtic Mythology-Legend: Not sure yet-Hero: Unknown-Title: None at this time.

6. Karri Little K Rhodes-German-Norse Mythology Gods/Goddesses-Legend: Not sure yet-Hero: Unknown-Title: None at this time.

I'm finally getting excited about writing again! It's been a long time since I've felt this jazzed about the prospect of writing a new book. I've had so many ideas come into my head but then as I try to work they fizzle out. I'm sick of fizzle, I'm ready for some sizzle!

Due to the holidays I won't be working because I know my editor won't have time to make a decision before sometime after the new year. But come January 5th I'm going to be kicking butt! I am going to make use of the holidasy break to do some research reading and maybe ideas for Little K and Penny, may hit me. Also ideas for titles would be a pretty good thing...huh. Something just perked for Little K! Better go and get some research done.

Of course there is a shopping list to compile yet too...

Have a great rest of the week! Hugz!